About us

At ThinkShoe we understand the importance of "right" shoe, sandal, or a boot.

The right product will not only improve performance but will also ensure you do not face health issues while wearing them.

To start with, why we need such a website at all? Let's face it; life today is busy. You are already juggling several responsibilities at the same time.

So we decided to take away one off your shoulder - identifying the right footwear.

But why finding the right footwear is so hard? 

Good question! To give you a glimpse of the enormity of the problem, let's take running shoes. 

You will be astonished that there are thousands of sports shoes on the market today, and hundreds are launched every year! How is a buyer supposed to find the best one?

Not only the availability, but there are also technical aspects associated with the selection too — for example, type of sole, breathability, traction of the sole, and so on.

The same is true with any footwear - sandals, slippers, boots, and so on.

We understand this and thus put up ThinkShoe.com to help buyers.

So how we do it?

The fundamental of all our articles is long hours spent in research.

We spend tens of hours searching for footwear choices - some are generally good, but we also present, which is also suitable for specific cases.

A classic example is people with plantar fasciitis. They need particular shoes to ensure the condition does not worsen.

Similarly, elderly, kids, pregnant women, heavy people will need specific kinds of shoes and not just any shoes.

We pride ourselves on in-depth research and quality research. That means we use reliable information sources to build-up our articles and not just rehash what is already available.

This is possible because of the excellent research and writing team we have. They all are passionate about quality and delivering remarkable insights to our readers.

What Topics Do We Cover?


Exploring Science behind footwear

There are so many fundamentals related to footwear which we do not know! We study the science behind them. For example, which kind of soles are better for hiking and which ones for basketball?


Buying Guides

These are detailed articles explaining what all to consider while purchasing a particular type of shoes. For example, these are different for running shoes on grass and running shoes on a hard surface.


Product Reviews

This involves detailed studies of individual products available in the market. We collect and analyze a huge amount of consumer data to review various footwear products available in the market.


Best Products in a Category

Looking for a list of great products to choose from? then this is the right thing for you



We develop separate articles or include the answers to FAQs in other research pieces.

The list is not exhaustive, but it gives a good idea of what we do!


Our team makes us proud.

We are always adding passionate writers, so this list is not exhaustive.

Here are our stars -

Martha Baker


Jason Brown

Dorothy Jones

Angela Martin


If you have any other queries, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] We would be happy to help!

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